Federal Budget 2017


Image – iStock In delivering the second budget of the Turnbull government, Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has declared that Australia’s tough times are over and there are better days ahead. After substantial changes to Superannuation in recent Budgets, this year the Coalition has largely left Superannuation alone. Following is a summary of the key measures:…

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Great Britain’s Referendum 23 June

Britain' Referendum - Image From Facebook

Britain to Leave the European Union (EU) From a financial perspective the result was a surprise and possibly a very poor economic decision. International trade and investment in Britain may be disrupted for some time and add to the mix political uncertainty. Assuming the British Government runs with the referendum result they will advise the…

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Federal Budget 2016

2016 Budget - feature

(the big ticket items) Last night the Federal Government handed down the Budget for the 2016-17 year that includes some of the biggest changes to the superannuation system since 1 July 2007. However, it is important to note that the Budget announcements are still only proposals at this stage and will depend on the outcome…

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What’s behind the current financial market volatility?

Market Volatility - Getty Images

Image – Getty Images Two themes are seemingly dominating; the decline in Oil prices and the deliberate and well forecast slowing Chinese economy. Black Gold OPEC continues to maintain production pumping daily surplus into the market at a time when Global demand has slowed. The supply/demand equation equals a decline in price. It could be…

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Investment Market Volatility (in Brief)

Volatility in Global Investment Markets continued today and I suspect this will be well reported over the coming days. You may recall my recent article regarding the Greek Debt Crisis and my remarks to expect these periods of more extreme price volatility. I continue to see these lower valuations as opportunity and do not consider…

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The Greece Debt Crisis (some perspective)

The reality is, this is old news. Greece’s financial woes and economic difficulties have persisted since the Global Financial Crisis (7 years ago). Recent events indicate a reasonable probability that Greece will be in default of loan obligations and possibly withdrawal from the Eurozone. What so far? • The Greek Government plans to hold a…

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Federal Budget 2015

Federal Budget 2015 In describing his second Federal Budget the Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey said “this budget is measured, fair and responsible and is designed to promote jobs, growth and opportunity”. The Federal budget speech delivered an upbeat outlook for Australia’s economic future and confirmed a number of measures that had been announced pre-budget. Retirement…

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